About Onsen Hot Tubs

The Knight family has owned and operated Onsen Hot Tub Rentals since July, 1981. Family lore has it that in 1977 Don and Renae met at a beach in Santa Barbara, California. One thing led to another and the couple soon opened The Hourglass – Southern California’s first Hot Tub rental facility. Although the business and life were good, the now married couple noticed that customer traffic was especially high on the infrequent rainy days of that area. Consequently The Hourglass was sold and the resulting funds and knowledge headed to wetter climes.

In addition to hot tub rentals, Onsen operated as the sales outlet for HotSpring portable Spas from 1983-2013. This portion of the business was sold to Scott Hubbard and now operates as HotSpring Spas of Eugene at the same location.

All three of the Knight’s children have worked at Onsen, and Hannah (the baby) now serves as manager. Don still putters around and fixes stuff, and Renae is in charge of quality control.

Now, 36 years and counting, Onsen Rentals are in full swing, and better than ever. Over all these years, we have had the privilege of serving multiple family generations. We couldn’t be happier with how the Eugene community has treated us, and thankful of the place we call home.

Happy soaking!

The Knight family